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Salonpas® Jikabari Warming Comfort

Salonpas Jikabari Warming Comfort Singapore

Warming effect

  • ■ Improve blood circulation.
  • ■ Result in reduced symptoms of muscle fatigue, stiff muscles, neuralgia and muscle pains.
  • ■ Help to recover from tiredness and to activate the gastro-intestinal activity.
  • ■ Apply to area of discomfort once a day for not more than
    6 hours.
  • ■ Do not use while in bed.
  • ■ Do not apply strong pressure when wearing a belt, lying and sitting.
  • ■ Do not use when attempting to conserve heat under quilt or blanket.
  • ■ Stop use immediately if it feels too hot or otherwise abnormal. Remove this product off slowly to avoid skin exfoliation caused by low-temperature burns.
  • ■ Be especially careful concerning low-temperature burns when using on an insensitive part of the body such as the buttocks.
  • 2. Do not use if you:
  • ■ have a feverish inflammation in areas of discomfort such as bruises or sprains.
  • ■ are not able to remove the product by oneself.
  • ■ have impaired blood circulation in the hands or feet.
  • ■ have diabetes (might occur low-temperature burns for those who are insensitive for heat).
  • 3. Do not use on:
  • ■ mucous membranes
  • ■ wounds, rashes and damaged skin.
  • ■ face
  • ■ areas where topical medication has been applied.
  • 4.Consult a doctor or pharmacist before using if you have ever experienced an allergic reaction to products for external use such as drugs or cosmetics.
  • ■ Use only as directed.
  • ■ Do not apply to the same area continuously if you have sensitive skin.
  • ■ Do not cut, massage, bend or tear this product.
  • ■ If the contents should come into direct contact with the skin, wipe it off with a wet towel or wash it off.
  • ■ Do not moisten with water.
  • ■ Do not eat or lick this product.
Cautions for after use
  • ■ Stop use and consult a doctor or pharmacist if rash, itching, redness or excessive skin irritation occurs.
  • ■ Stop use and consult a doctor if low-temperature burn or rashes occur by applying for long hours at the same place.
  • ■ Remove this product before taking the shower.
Storage and cautions of handling
  • ■ Keep out of reach of children.
  • ■ Open the bag immediately before using because the product starts to produce heat immediately after opening.
  • ■ Make sure the product is completely cool after using and dispose it as noncombustible rubbish.
  • ■ Store in cool dry place and avoid direct sunlight.
Packing and size
  • ■ 5 sheets (1 sheet per pack × 5 packs)
  • ■ Size: 13cm×9.5cm